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Piano Violin Guitar Flute Theory


AGC: Acoustic Guitar Course
DCC: Doreimi Classical Course
DUC: Doreimi Ukulele Course

Course Overview:

AGC is designed for guitar players to develop a sense of strumming, picking, plucking and techniques which accompany both contemporary tunes as well as semi-classical pieces. Build around a wholesome syllabus which also focus on singing accompaniment as well as performance competency eventually.

DCC (Guitar) is designed for guitar players to develop their classical appreciation, posture, listening sensitivity and fingering mastery. Students are expected to learn a wider range of note reading, rhythmic recognition, musical sensitivity and analysis. Build to reinforce the music fundamentals for a smoother progress to the advanced grades and eventually to diploma and university majors.

DUC is designed for ukulele players to develop a sense of rhythmic knowledge, chords structure, listening sensitivity as well as solo performances. Build around a comprehensive syllabus which encapsulate both the classics and modern repertoires, learners can become proficient in singing as well as simple to complex rhythmic strumming.

Grading Systems:

Trinity Guildhall


AGC/DUC: Foundation, Intermediate, Advance, Advanced Recital
DCC: Grade 1 to Grade 8, Associate Diploma, Licentiate Diploma, Fellowship Diploma









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