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Piano Violin Guitar Flute Theory

Piano Courses:

DKC: Doreimi Kids Course
DCC: Classical Piano Course
DLC: Leisure Piano Course

Course Overview:

DKC: Doreimi Kids Course(Piano)
AGE: 4 to 5 years’ old
DKC piano course is designed to teach students of age 4 to 5. It’s comprehensive materials, together with additional exercises for listening and technicality proficiency will help the students to build a stronger foundation in music before they step up to the graded studies.

DCC and DLC piano course are designed for piano players to develop their posture, both hands coordination, listening sensitivity and fingering mastery. Students are expected to learn a wider range of notes reading, rhythmic recognition, music sensitivity and analysis. Build to reinforce the music fundamentals for a smoother progress to the advanced grades and eventually to diploma and university majors. Piano classes are conducted individually. Our music school is located in Singapore Jurong Area, nearest MRT Chinese Garden.

Grading Systems:

Trinity College of London


DKC: K1, K2, K3
DCC: Grade 1 to Grade 8, Associate Diploma, Licentiate Diploma, Fellowship Diploma
DLC: Level 1 to 5











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