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Music Courses

Music is the soul of language

Violin Course

  • Classical Violin Lesson
  • Leisure Violin Lesson
  • Associated board of royal school of music (ABRSM)
  • Trinity college of London
  • London college of music
  • Violin Playing Posture
  • Bow Hold Posture
  • Finger Numbering
  • Note Reading
  • Note Values
  • Bow Control
  • Bowing Techniques
  • Expressions
  • Ear Training
  • Pitch Training
  • Music Understanding
  • Intonation Training
  • Right and Left Coordination 
  • Foundation
  • Grades 1 to 8
  • Diplomas

What Makes Us Special


Individual Learning

Doreimi Students attends individual music lesson with their respective teachers. This strengthens their technical skills.


Active Learning

Doreimi Students interacts with their peers. Through active learning, it boosts their confidence and positive learning attitude.


Analysis and Critique

Doreimi Students are trained to speak and critique to have a deeper understanding through weekly interaction with their assigned teachers.


Performing Platform

After going through the first 3 stages of learning, our teachers will go through a selection process and invite diligent students who have shown consistent effort to perform in music recitals or public performances. 

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