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Music is the soul of language

The best music school in Jurong East. They have qualified, and very experienced teachers there. I strongly recommend this school to all parents and music lovers. The teachers there are all very responsible and committed in teaching. 

Sheryl Tan | Parent

This school provides many opportunities for students to build up confidence level through class performance and interactive sessions with their peers. Not only do they learn music, but they also learn to present themselves confidently in front of their peers. Learning music is not all about exams, it's also about an overall development of a person.

Mrs Tan Mei Fen | Parent

Doreimi builds a strong foundation in music for my child. Although she used 2 years to get her Grade 1 certification, she did very well in her sight reading and scales which is the most challenging aspect in the exam for most students. As she is now able to read notes independently, she is able to progress tremendously faster than her peers and is now preparing for her Grade 4 exam in just 6 months' time! I'm very glad that the teacher advised us not to rush her into exam when she just started learning music.

Mrs Lim | Parent

My child really enjoyed music lessons with this school, this has never happened before. She now plays the piano at home frequently on her own. I'm glad I chose this school.

Mrs Lim Lai Chen | Parent

I am really pleased with this music school. All the teachers are there are well trained, and they teach with their heart. Knowing how to play an instrument is different from knowing how to teach. This school has it both. One more thing I really like is all their teachers will give timely feedback to parents on our child's progress and ways to help our child better improve. This is something I do not get from the previous schools.

Mrs Ho Patricia | Parent

The teachers at Doreimi Music School are very experienced at teaching and are very patient with the students. It has been a great joy to learn at this school and my knowledge of music has been furthered widely during my lessons here.

Jia Le | Grade 8 theory student

Hey ppl, come to join Doreimi Music School. The boss is kind and so are the teachers. They are patient and always willing to help. Pls join. This is an awesome school!

Min Hui | Grade 6 piano, Grade 7 theory student

It has been an eye (and ear!) opening experience to learn at Doreimi Music School. I have learnt to appreciate music more, and how to flow with it and let it sink in. I am enjoying my flute lessons now and look forward to my first big day!

Amanda | Grade 1 flute student

Come to Doreimi music school to discover your hidden talent and enhance your music skills with the help of the great teachers and activity here!

Jun Han | Grade 6 piano, Grade 7 theory student

I love the school because the teachers are very kind and talented.

Sunny | Grade 1 piano student

Im Ajay, 6 years old. I like the teachers here. I started learning piano when I was 3.

Ajay | Grade 1 piano student

我爱 doreimi 因为老师十分友善和有天分。

Alyssa | Grade 2 piano student

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