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Acoustic Foam (Discontinued)

  • Size: 500mm by 500mm by 50mm
    Color: Black
    Design: Pyramid
    Density: 22kg/m3
    Fire resistant
    Non-self adhesive

    Learning an instrument at home is enjoyable yet can be disturbing if you do not soundproof and dampen the echoes effectively. Acoustic foam provides a good level of sound dampening to reduce echoes in an enclosed area. The traditional way of sound dampening is by using thick curtains or egg crates. However, it's neither presentable nor effective. Acoustic foam provides a studio look to your room while effectively dampening the echoes. It is easy to install too!


    Picture below is our studio of about 2m by 1.5m in size. To fully cover with acoustic foam, we used about 50 pieces of foam. To partially cover, we used 20 pieces of foam.

  • Metronome (Digital/Analog)
  • Conductor Stand/ Manhansset Stand (Made in USA)
  • Shoulder Rest
  • Dominant Strings (Violin)
  • Vision Strings (Violin)
  • Music Stand
  • Violin Bow
  • Violin Rosin
  • Piano Caster Cups
  • Piano Polish
  • Cleaning Cloth/ Cleaning Gauze (Flute)
  • Lubricating Grease (Flute)

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